Product Configurator

"Odoo's long missing feature"


The Odoo website builder adds tremendous flexibility to a powerful framework.

Yet we believe it has not harnessed it's true power and potential regarding eCommerce:
Product customization

We wish to strengthen the backend-frontend bond and add the missing link to take Odoo to new heights.


By building a flexible set of modules with several key features



Easy to use

Time Saving

Grow Odoo


A special thanks to all our contributors without whom the development of the Product Configurator would not have been possible.

What is it?

A complete set of modules that offers users the freedom and flexibility over customizable products
Module suite
Odoo ready modules available for install with just one click
Compatibility rules
Prevent incompatible configurations with easy to setup rules
Custom Values
Offer customers more than a set of predefined values to choose from
Easy form builder
Auto-generated form for configuration.Easy to extend and personalize
Configuration steps
Separate your form into multiple steps with just a few clicks
Product Visualisation
Keep your users updated with fresh images on every change they make

Our Work

Project details
Project details

Our Clients

Dr. Emanuel Wüest

Dr. Emanuel Wüest

Director Aluart A.G

"At Aluart A.G we offer a high degree of customization and flexibility to our products.

Every order comes in either through email or telephone.
We used to spend a lot of time registering them in Odoo, managing the bill of materials and providing guidance to our clients in the customization process.
Since the product configurator entered into production over 2 years ago for the backend we have dramatically shortened our processing time.

Now we are inches away from implementing the frontend version which will handle the customer's entire ordering process with no manual intervention".

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Development and implementation of customized business management software with the sole use of Open Source technologies. We activate especially in the ERP sector where Odoo is our main tool of choice.